Zooming with Past Pupils to our Present Year 11 – POST 16

On Wednesday, 18th November 2020 an alumna of Park School organised a ZOOM meeting which a large group of our alumni attended.

These past students are currently in Year 13, studying in many different 6th Forms and have all applied to various universities. They discussed the 6th Forms they are attending, what their extracurricular provision is, as well as careers information and how to apply to university.

Our Year 11 students had the opportunity to learn about taking the next step into their future. This was an amazing opportunity for Year 11 to ask questions about A Levels they may be interested in. It gave them the chance to hear about how to approach their GCSE’s and what to do when they are transitioning from Park to a new school – how different it can be.

The Year 11’s were seeking advice from the teachers about Sixth Forms and further education. Mrs Lesser and previous students from Park kindly organised a Zoom meeting so the Year 11’s could discuss any questions or doubts they had about the process. The ex-students informed us of their experiences and future career pathways they were considering. This meeting was very informative as we learnt about how to adjust in a new environment and what skills we would need in the future. I feel I learned and gained a little more understanding on the whole ‘Post 16 Process’.

Head Girl