Year 7 Trip to Leeds Castle

The culmination of the study of castles by Year 7 was a visit to Leeds Castle, where the students first did an interactive workshop; this involved an analysis of sources and evidence, used as clues to work out the person, era or event, as well as a quiz on all the historical language and terminology the students learnt this year. Some of the comments from the students were:

I enjoyed Leeds Castle, especially the view if the castle from the outside because it gave you a sense of its history.

I liked the castle because it had a lot of nice paintings and the outside looked amazing, I also liked the maze, although many people got lost or couldn’t find their way out, and we did it!

Thanks Mrs Nicholas and Mrs Harker for taking us to an amazing and fun trip. We went to a workshop and were split in groups and competed against each other.

I learnt a lot of things about the life of the Kings and Queens.

My experience at Leeds Castle was magical.

I really enjoyed Leeds Castle as we saw what castles were like in medieval times.

I really enjoyed the fact that we got to see the ways the medieval people lived, it showed me how much time has changed.

It was an amazing experience looking at the castle in person. The castle was beautiful and well built.