Year 7 Study Religion in the Middle Ages

As part of our study of the importance of religion in the Middle Ages we started by researching and presenting a range of religions including our own.

We then went on to look at why Doom Paintings were so important in the churches of the Middle Ages, this was because all the services were in Latin which the people could not understand.

We looked at the importance of Jerusalem for the Christians, Muslims and Jews and how until 1076, although Jerusalem was controlled by the Arab Muslims all three religions could pray in Jerusalem. When the Turkish Muslims took over Jerusalem they believed only they should be allowed to worship there. This is when Pope Urban II called on all Christians in Europe to unite and fight against the Saracens [the Turks] to reclaim Jerusalem. This marked the beginning of the Crusades which lasted nearly three hundred years.

As part of our study of religion in the Middle Ages, we designed our own doom paintings, wrote speeches to encourage Christians to join the Crusades, concentrating on the use of persuasive writing and some of us decided to design posters as well.