As part of our study of castles, we were given a home learning project to design and build a castle. Before building our castle we had to think about the size, the number of levels and the attacking and defensive features. Before we started the project at home we studied the development of castles and also spent a lesson in the hall as two teams creating two castles using all the equipment in the hall, this helped us because it gave us different ideas of how to create castles; combining our ideas for defense and attack meant we created a very good castle which helped us with our designs at home.

We enjoyed the castle home learning project because it was an exciting project which helped us to see how we could use simple objects to create a castle, we learnt how to manage our time more effectively, and we got a good idea of how hard it was and how long it took to build castles. It made us realise it was not that easy to have both attacking and defensive features at the time of the Middle Ages. Doing our own research meant we learnt more about castles and we got a good idea of what Medieval Castles were like.