Cross Curricular Cooking – Year 6 Cook Nigerian Jollof Rice

Travelling To Nigeria Via Food

Year 6 gathered up ingredients for the preparation of Nigerian Jollof rice. We had lots of experiences: chopping, cutting, washing, marinating, smelling, tasting and eating. This wasn’t just a fun activity it was also a cross-curricular activity (Maths, Science, Geography, PSHEC, etc). We had fun, crying from chopping onions; pretending to taste the bell peppers (enjoying eating them). This experience was AMAZING!

By Sanvi

My Jollof Rice Cooking Experience

When we made Jollof rice, we had to cut peppers; peel the skin off garlic/ginger and cut mini cherry tomatoes. We also had to chop onions (which made me cry!) We marinated, ‘massaged’ and roasted chicken. When we finished, the appetising rice was shared into our individual containers. It was the ‘BEST COOKING CLASS EVER!’

By Waniya

Jollof Rice

It was a spectacular experience. Honestly, I wish we could make it again. I loved the outcome; it was exquisite. Our teacher Mrs. Jack was the expert and we used the school kitchen. I wish we could get more Jollof rice.

By Anaya

Delicious Jollof Rice

On Wednesday 2nd October, Year 6 made delicious Jollof rice. Our teacher Mrs. Jack brought lots of ingredients and seasonings. Making Jollof rice was fun and it also taught us cooking skills such as marinating chicken, cutting peppers and peeling garlic/ginger. The onions made everyone cry but by the time food was ready, the kitchen smelt amazing and so did the delicious food.

By Olivia

Cooking Jollof Rice

Mrs. Jack taught us how to make Jollof rice. We used these ingredients: halal chicken, rice, pepper, onions (which made us cry), thyme, mixed spice and olive oil. It was delicious! It was very good fun and I touched raw chicken for the first time. I enjoyed it!

By Saphora

Jollof Rice Adventure

On the 2nd of October, we cooked Jollof rice. I had the job of cutting the onions. I under estimated their power to make people cry; my eyes turned red and some of the girls couldn’t stand it and they ran away. At the end, the outcome was fantastic!

By Zainah