In Geography, Year 5 have been learning about where our power comes from as well as renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. To investigate this further they worked in groups to create water wheels, and adjusted variables to see what would affect the rate at which ‘electricity’ can be created. The groups managed to create functioning water wheels, although they ended up being less effective by the end of the experiment!

We made water wheels using plastic spoons, cardboard, a cotton reel and a bottle. Once we had made the turbine, we put a hole in the bottom of our bottle and filled it with water. We held the bottle above our water wheel and uncovered the hole to count how many times it turned in 30 seconds. We then removed spoons to see if it turned more or less. Towards the end of the experiment, our water wheel ended up becoming very soggy!

Zara and Saphora Year 5.