Learning about Fairtrade in GeographyOnce again this year, the girls in Year 3 have been learning about Fairtrade in Geography. As part of this they baked banana muffins to raise money to help farmers and workers. Our support means they can challenge unfair trade and ensure farmers get to a place where they can feed and educate their children and look forward to an independent future.

We used as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible. This included the bananas, the sugar and the chocolate button decorations. We used cinnamon and like many spices, this is often grown on small family farms by farmers who rely on it to make a living. Fairtrade is helping those farmers to make a more secure future.

The girls worked well together to bake, decorate and sell their gingerbread to other students and teachers.

I am pleased to say we raised £38.65 to date for this great cause. Many thanks to all those who bought our muffins!

Mrs Clayden

Learning about Fairtrade in Geography
Learning about Fairtrade in Geography