Year 10 Study Skills Day

On Tuesday 28th January Year 10 spent the day reflecting on the different demands placed on them compared to Year 9, the ways in which they can use the positive outlook of growth mind-set to become more effective learners, as well as offering specific strategies and techniques on the ways in which to revise. We also considered a variety of techniques to cope with stress and stay healthy. In each interval the girls were also given a challenge in order to help them realise that the more resilient they are, the more chance they have of making progress and realising their potential.

The feedback we received was very encouraging and the most common comments included:

  • I learnt different ways of revising
  • Smart ways of revising
  • How to improve my memory when revising
  • How to make revision material
  • How to manage my time more effectively
  • Made me feel I can do it
  • How to have a more positive outlook
  • How to deal with stress
  • Ways of managing my time
  • It was helpful because it broke revision and exams down into something simpler
  • If I plan it is less stressful
  • The ball games were good
  • How to communicate with my teachers
  • I felt really motivated afterwards
  • Figuring out our strengths and weaknesses was reassuring.

Some of the students summed the day up:

  • Very useful and informative as I have discovered new ways of revising and am making a timetable which I will try to follow.
  • I learnt to not give up and keep trying no matter how challenging something is. To take on a challenge and believe in myself and believe I can do it.
  • It helped me understand how to spend my time productively and revise for all of my tests.
  • To take regular breaks when revising, if we don’t, no info will transfer into our heads.
  • I learnt that by changing mentality I already felt a lot better, I learnt how to revise effectively and if I plan I will not be stressed.
  • It’s nice to see that you are not alone and that other people struggle with revision.
  • It gave me an insight into how to do my work to the best of my ability, made me feel as if I can do it.

Year 10 worked hard and were engaged all day, we had a very productive day, may the lessons learnt long continue.

Mrs Nicholas