EYFS and Preparatory School

Our school motto has never seemed more appropriate than during this current time of pandemic and lockdown.

From Reception Class through to Year 6, our Prep School students have demonstrated characteristics such as resilience, adaptability, self-discipline and good humour as they have adjusted to remote learning. We are extremely proud of them!

We hope that you will take time to look at the fantastic work that has been produced during this period of lock down.

Reception Class

The topic for Reception is ‘Living and Growing’. Within this topic the girls have listened to the ‘Very hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle, drawn story maps and thought what the caterpillar might eat. The girls have planted some sunflowers and have been keeping a plant diary. It will be exciting to see them grow! They also made some lovely paper handprint butterflies.

In Maths they have learnt to order numbers to 50, sequence a set of numbers, count in two’s and covered odd and even numbers.

In French the topic was ‘Colours’ and they had fun finding objects around their house.

We use Class Dojo and ZOOM for our learning activities. We really enjoy our ZOOM meetings, we share our show and tell, sing songs and play games together.

Reception: Planting sunflowers
Reception: Planting sunflowers
Reception: Maths
Reception: Maths
Reception: Maths
Reception: Spelling
Reception: Butterflies
Reception: Handprint butterflies

Year 6

We have been enjoying our remote learning experience in Year 6 and ZOOM, TEAMS, CLASS DOJO and EPIC have been invaluable tools during this period of lockdown.

In Art we have been learning about ‘In Flanders Fields’ a poem written by John McCrae during the First World War. We have also been learning that during WW1 the Government officially employed artists (e.g. Paul Nash) to record the events of the war through drawing and painting. We extended this topic by imagining we were commissioned by our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to record the effects of Covid-19 in drawing or painting. We hope you enjoy this small sample of our representations of the invisible war with Covid-19 in the year 2020.

Year 5

Year 5 have been very busy with numerous topics. In Science, they have been researching the life and work of David Attenborough. Once they had completed some research, they had to present a wildlife documentary about an animal of their choice. The girls researched a variety of animals, including snakes, mayflies, gorillas, dolphins, platypuses. They presented some very informative and interesting facts and figures in documentary style and uploaded their video to DOJO.

Ayesha created a wildlife animation for her documentary which you can view here on our website.

Year 4

Year 4 are very lucky to have a contact in Bali who has made a video of his daily life for them which they can view on DOJO. This is part of their study of Hinduism and Geography. The gentleman’s name is Putu and the girls are going to be sending him some questions on these topics to extend their learning.

PADLET is an online shared noticeboard which our students are using to share their learning with one another.

We also utilise EPIC, an online collection of thousands of books, enabling teachers to assign books to read and students to access research materials.

Year 3

Year 3 have been doing a lot of interesting work during lock down and they are making good use of DOJO.

One of their tasks was to write a non-fiction piece about an animal of their choice. Maariyah’s work has been used as an example of this exercise but all of Year 3 produced really good non-fiction pieces. By accessing their Class DOJO, The girls were able to watch Mrs Islam on a video explaining what she would like them to include in their work and where they could access the relevant resources on their CLASS DOJO. When their work is completed students upload it to their portfolio for comment and assessment by the teacher.