Virgin’s Make £5 Grow Enterprise Programme

We previously reported that our Upper Key Stage Two students (Years 5 & 6) were involved in free enterprise programme – ‘Virgin’s Make £5 Grow’.

We promised to report back on the results of their participation in the programme, selling their products and making a profit to enable them pay back their loan.

The students took a loan of £120.00 and made a total profit of £268.76. Young Artist £61.60, LemonAid £16.74, Candy Slimez £74.17 and Brilliant Bakers £47.50.

Our young entrepreneurs have yet to decide how to best use their profit. However, they have already decided that they donate a share of it to a charity of their choice.

Please see below extracts from reports the students have written.

I could not help but feel pride when I saw what looked like customers recommending my products to other people. At one point I was approached by what seemed to be five teachers all asking for smoothies at once! I probably learnt multiple life lessons that were very valuable and if I ever become an entrepreneur in the future I will have the basic idea of what to do.

Sofia, Year 6

I was part of ‘LemonAid’. Other groups included Candy Slimez, Young Artists and Brilliant Bakers. The whole point of this was to experience what it’s like in a real sales business. I learnt new things and found the experience really enjoyable.

Hafsa, Year 6

Overall, the Virgin Make Your £5 Grow has been fun. It taught us to collaborate with each other. We also got a taster of what running a business is like. It was stressful but it was also fun.

Safah, Year 6