“Spain was amazing we saw many beautiful monuments and ate Spanish churros with melted chocolate. For lunch we would go to a buffet which had sea food paella, gazpacho which was a delicious tomato soup. However everyone on my table liked the combination of fries with strawberry ice-cream. Unfortunately, when we got to the beach it had started raining a lot and so we had to go back to the hotel but at the end of the day we all got to go to Sephora and buy face masks for the evening and many sweets.”


“Spain was fun. We saw a lot of the old architecture which looked very nice. It was quite warm but it also rained a bit. It was funny how as soon as we arrived at the beach, it started raining. The rain didn’t change the good feeling. The history of Spain and Valencia was interesting. My favourite part was the aquarium. We learnt a lot on the trip and we would love to go back there again.”

(Priya and Amber)

“Going to Valencia was not only educational, it was also fun. As a food lover the diversity of cuisines we tried in Spain truly amazed me. The ‘churros’ and hot chocolate was the perfect treat, whilst we explored the old town in the hot sun. The ‘churro’ has a hard base with sugary crystals which balance out the soft, thick and rich chocolate. It was perfection. Also the Mediterranean cuisine at the buffet was interesting to me as it was my first time trying it. I wish we’d had more time to explore the different foods in Spain.”