Ms Atutonu, Head of Business Studies, took her GCSE groups to Cadbury World in Birmingham. The two groups wrote reports which are set out below.

On Tuesday, 25th September our Year 11 Business Studies Group went to Cadbury World to gain an insight into how the business worked.

The day began with an informative talk that aided our business knowledge. It showed us the content that we have been learning applied in a real business. We learnt how the business began and about their global successes. We were able to better understand the functionality of Cadbury and we were shown behind the scenes of Cadbury chocolate making process.

The trip was very beneficial to our studies in topics such as market share, globalisation, marketing mix and ethical consideration. We were given information about cocoa life and their Fairtrade business. They are a very ethical business that works with farmers to maintain their livelihood. They taught us about corporate responsibility and how it helps society to function. We learnt their aims and objectives and we were able to relate this to the Park School Way.
We learnt about the different sectors of the business e.g. Finance, HR and Marketing, their progression, takeover, and becoming a brand. We were provided with information about their branding and their cocoa farms projects.

We saw how they made chocolate today and fifteen years ago. We saw chocolates being hand decorated and we wrote our names in liquid chocolate.


We saw a lot of the processes used to make chocolate and we were told why the factory is located near Bournville. We learnt about Cadbury gorilla advert and how they aim the marketing at everyone, not a particular segment of society.

We went on a ride and were also given chocolate in cups.

Overall, it was a fun learning experience that brought our studies into the real world.

Thank you to Ms Atutonu and Mrs Jarada for taking us. We loved it!