Trip to Barleylands

On the 17th September 2019 Reception, Year One and Year Two went on a trip to Barleylands Farm in Billericay. We were met by Catherine who was very kind and helpful and according to the girls, very funny.

In the morning we learned about food that we get from a farm and what foods we have that are made from wheat. We then made our own mini pizza from scratch. The girls said it was fun making them and most of the girls said they were yummy. At lunch time the girls had fun playing in the soft play area before going on a tractor ride. There was lots of laughter and smiles from all the girls as we went around the farm looking at plants and animals.

After our tractor ride Catherine took us to the museum and we saw some very old farm tools, a windmill and a wheat grinder. The old tractor was very big and the wheels were very funny because they were metal, they had no tyres. When we finished in the museum we got to go and meet the animals on the farm. We saw goats, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, alpacas and a huge pig. Many of the girls were brave and fed the sheep and goats some food. “It tickled when they ate the food and they licked our hands”.  The barn was a wee bit smelly though. That was the only part we didn’t like.

Barleylands Trip 2019