To Teach or Not to Teach?

Community Placement

On 3rd and 4th February as part of Park School’s Community Placement Scheme, Year 9 students had the opportunity to experience what a day in the life of a teacher is really like. We were given the choice of helping in the Preparatory School (Reception to Year 6) or working in the PE, Science, Music and Art Departments. 

It was very interesting to see what teaching is really like.  We all found out a lot about ourselves, for example many of us realised we are not very patient working with young children while others realised that teaching could potentially be a career for them.  Our days consisted of marking books, communicating with children and planning and preparing lessons.  We discovered that organisation, patience and communication are the main qualities needed. 

We enjoyed our Community Placement experience and we are happy that we had this opportunity.

Thank you to all of the teachers who allowed us to work in their lessons and enabled us to have this experience and to Mrs Lesser for co-ordinating everything.

Imaan and Alisha
Year 9