Teams that play together, work together

Recently, all of Year 7 and our Senior Prefect Team spent three exciting days at Stubbers Activity Centre. All of the girls bonded well over a range of interesting activities. They learnt about the importance of teamwork in the laser tag games, giving our students a one-off opportunity to chase their Head Teacher around the park. Confidence and encouragement was fostered as the girls made their way around the high ropes system. We noted an outstanding display of motivation and support from our Head Girl, Donika, as she encouraged girls to push themselves out of their comfort zone and build confidence in their abilities. The girls learnt problem solving skills as they designed and built rafts although the problem of how to stay dry was not really mastered by Mr Sfakianakis or Mrs Harker as they both ended up in the water. Much fun was had on the open canoeing activity where the front and back paddlers learnt to work together whilst enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of a day out of London. Archery and rifle-shooting provided an absorbing activity that taught concentration and patience in very disciplined sports and many of us, in particular Mrs Nicholas, discovered they had a very good eye. The final day saw a focus on creativity, teamwork and building trust as the girls did a treasure hunt through the beautiful woodland and built animals with their trove. Building a human tower and a game of Loner provided high amusement levels as well as teaching about trust, friendship and inclusivity.

The girls were comfortably housed in Maple Lodge and slept in cosy rooms of three or four but they were encouraged to visit and bond in one another’s rooms until lights off. Everyone slept well after exhausting but exhilarating days.

I would like to thank all of the girls for being so co-operative and for making this trip such a lovely experience; every single girl approached every part of the day with the decision to try. And they succeeded.

Mrs Harker
Year 7 Form Tutor