Tate year 3 project

An ambitious visual portrait of London featuring tens of thousands of Year 3 school children.

“The idea came from thinking about my past and my present and how I got here. I wanted to have an idea of the map of London, the future.

London is very much in my heart. It’s very much a part of me and what shaped me as a person. Year 3 is an important time in a child’s life because it’s at that point that you’re getting to understand your surroundings. It’s one of those moments where there’s a turning point and you’re getting to understand, possibly, gender, race and class.”

Steve McQueen

On Thursday 17th January, Year 3 were visited by a photographer, who came to take our picture and make us part of the largest group portrait ever made. The Tate Year 3 Project with Turner Prize and Oscar-winning artist, Steve McQueen, is a major new artwork, which will culminate in one of the most ambitious schools projects that London has ever seen. The girls really appreciated the fact that this is a unique opportunity for London’s seven and eight-year-olds. The photographs will be centre stage for six months later in the year in the prestigious Duveen Galleries at Tate Britain. By taking part, the girls will see themselves in one of the most compelling British artworks of our time at the heart of the nation’s collection.

As a class we have also had the opportunity to engage with the wealth of free programme resources focussed on identity, belonging, inclusion and citizenship.

The photographic session for the girls involved discussion and drama which they thoroughly enjoyed. They were able to share the work they had been doing with the photographer. She went away with letters written by Year 3 and a book produced by one of the class which she promised to give to Steve McQueen when she saw him the following week. All very exciting!

We look forward now to the exhibition in November when we will get our first look at the photograph.

Mrs Clayden