Supertato and Evil Pea

The Reception girls have had a very busy time enjoying their topic on superheroes. They have been learning about heroes from stories and who is a real life superhero. They were very excited when a real life hero, a guide dog came in to visit. The enjoyed using the role-play area which had been turned into Superhero HQ.

In Literacy the girls were very excited about the story “Supertato” by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett. The Evil Pea character really captured their imaginations and they had fun designing traps to catch him, they made wanted posters and made the character from paper. The Evil Pea had frozen some veggies and the girls enjoyed helping them escape by dripping salted water onto the ice. We also wrote a letter to Supertato asking for his help because Evil Pea is going to capture all of the teachers. Fortunately the traps the girls made caught this mischievous character and his plan was foiled!

We talked about healthy eating and the girls made lists of fruits and vegetables. They then had a lot of fun printing using a variety of fruit and vegetables. The girls also learned and performed a Superhero dance in PE.

The other book the girls enjoyed was “Charlies Superhero Underpants” by Paul Bright. The girls learned about different places in the world where the washing had blown away to and found them on a map. The enjoyed finding out about the different countries and comparing them to their own. We made missing posters for Charlie’s things and designed some new superhero pants. The girls particularly enjoyed our Superhero scavenger hunt around the school looking for the items Charlie had lost.