Year 10 recently took part in a study skills workshop taken by Mrs Nicholas and Mrs Lesser. The aim of the workshop was for pupils to learn about Growth Mind-set, to help them feel more confident in their own ability even when things get tough, learning and developing various revision skills to help them towards their future studying for exams. At the end of the day, they were being taught about mindfulness, ways to help distress and relax.

It was a full day of learning with plenty of activities, reading and discussions. The Year 10 pupils worked so well throughout the day which was demonstrated through their enthusiasm and participation.

Year 10 study skills 2021

The feedback from the workshop has been wonderful and very positive, something we will continually do for all our pupils.

‘Extremely beneficial as I was very stressed before about the exams but after this course, I felt a lot better and much more confident. I am also a lot more open open-minded about different revision methods.’

‘I really enjoyed the breathing exercises’

‘I learnt how to revise and how with effort and resilience anything can be possible. Instead of leaving work to the last minute, to do a little every day and not leave it to the last minute.’

‘I learnt efficient and effective ways to revise, which would help me learn the material in the best way. I also learnt that spending a small amount of time revising correctly is better than spending hours just reading a textbook.’

‘Very informative, help me really a lot and to calm down, not to stress about exams, to plan.’