Steve McQueen Year 3 Project Exhibition at Tate Britain

On Friday the girls finally got to see the Year 3 class photograph that was taken a little over a year ago as part of an exciting project. Steve McQueen invited every Year 3 pupil in London to have their photograph taken by a specially trained Tate photographer. The class photos have been brought together into a single large-scale installation, capturing tens of thousands of Year 3 pupils in a milestone year in their development.

Our Year 3 girls from 2018-2019, who are now Year 4, visited the Duveen galleries to see their photo displayed alongside 1500 other London schools. They were able to find it though, which was quite a feat as our picture was very high up! There was a wonderful atmosphere and lots of noise as hundreds of excited children spotted themselves in the pictures. Mrs Jack and Mrs Clayden were just as excited to see themselves on the wall of the Tate Gallery!

The girls were complemented on being very ‘clued in’ and engaged. Our guide was particularly impressed when they named Pablo Picasso, Frieda Kahlo and Paula Rego as favourite artists (well done, Mr Mcerlane). He also praised their choices for future careers such as an engineer and a paediatrician. As well as looking at some recent British art they produced some impressive sketches of the sculptures in the Henry Moore room. The girls certainly got the most out of this unique experience.