Staffing changes

As is customary at the end of an academic year, regrettably we come to say goodbye to some staff and welcome new ones.

It is with great sadness that we say au revoir and bonne chance to Madame Bianchi who is retiring after twenty years of dedicated service to Park School for Girls, the children will really miss her and Flat Eric in particular. Madame Bianchi has really inspired so many children with her unique way of teaching, making every lesson both informative and fun. I thank her and wish her a long and healthy retirement.

We are also saying goodbye to Mr Fleming after 8 years of service to the school, I thank Mr Fleming for his hard work and versatility, always willing to give a helping hand with any task however big or small. We wish him well as he embarks on his next venture.

We welcome Mr McErlane who is teaching Year 4, as well as English to Year 5, until next May, whilst Mrs Islam is on maternity leave.

We also welcome Mrs Pine, who will be joining us in September to teach French from Reception to Year 7.