Sports Day

The weather was finally kind to us on our rescheduled sports day! The sun shone, the children were wonderful and happy memories were made. The morning was spent competing between the three houses, Cranbrook, Valentine and Wanstead. The atmosphere of the morning was amazing, and I would like to congratulate all the children from reception to Year 10 for making it run so smoothly. Races were run, egg and spoons were carried, sacks were jumped in, and the ropes were skipped. Sports day is about coming together as a community, cheering on team members and being the best that they can be. I could not have been prouder watching them all. Well done to everybody who took part. It was a pleasure to see you all enjoying this much awaited event. But there can only be one winner and this year the athletic trophy goes to Cranbrook!


Sports day 2021 Sports day 2021