School Council

school council - March 2018This academic year, the school council and charity committee have worked hand-in-hand to organise numerous events and trips both within and outside of school. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to effect real change in the traditional ways of Park, and create a mix of both cultural, educational opportunities for the Park family to engage in.

We held several special events so far in the effort to raise money for out chosen charity Girls Not Brides. During the course of the year, we held a pyjama day, movie night, and break the rules day within school. It was amazing to see so many children bring in goods to sell, and to have dressed up in the most amazing attire! We also celebrated special dates like Halloween and Christmas by running fortune telling, hot chocolate stalls and costume competitions.

As well as this, the council were able to communicate with the Head Teacher and staff to organise several off-site trips across the year groups. We were able to help orchestrate the theatre trips, and also plan for future end of year trips- which are both one day and overnight trips. Furthermore, we were also able to adapt some of the uniform with the help of the Head Teacher and Governors. Fortunately, we were able to allow black jackets, as well as black shoes.

So far, our team of Year 11 students have been able to raise a significant amount of money, through the help of the school council and staff. (We will report the total at the end of the year). We were able to do this by creating and maintaining communication throughout the whole school- from the youngest prep to the most senior of staff.

By Aneesa, Zara, Seyi, Betsy, Laila, Noor, Kyra, Sumaiya and Amrita