Five students from Year 9 were nominated by their maths teacher to attend the ‘Royal Institute Maths Masterclasses’ at Queen Mary University. The maths masterclasses offered the opportunity to investigate topics in maths combining theory with interactive activities. Every Saturday for 6 weeks these students met a new workshop leader to explore an exciting area of maths. The classes were two and a half hours long and were inspiring to attend.

“I really enjoyed attending the maths masterclasses. It was very educational. I enjoyed it because it was interactive and in particular I liked the lecture on statistics. I enjoyed the experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

“The master classes at Queen Mary University have been fun and informative. I have learnt many aspects of maths and I am truly glad that I attended.”

“I think that the lectures were very interesting. We learnt new mathematical information. We did many worksheets and wrote notes. Overall, I loved the experience.”

“Since attending the masterclasses at Queen Mary University of London, my view on maths has changed. I have realised maths is linked to things I would never have thought of. It was surprisingly enjoyable to attend, and I am glad I had the opportunity to join students from other schools during interesting lectures.”

“I found these classes a fantastic opportunity. Despite my primary assumptions, the professors and researchers who delivered the lectures were truly interesting and I listened for two and a half hours consistently. It was honestly a fantastic experience listening to the points that were proved and the research conducted. Additionally, experiencing the feel of the campus at Queen Mary University was something new and, in my opinion, genuinely exciting.”