Return to school

Although we are a long way from returning to a full school and a normal routine it has been wonderful to hear the sound of students and staff in school. We have opened for a small number of Year Groups and it was made clear to parents that the decision whether to send their daughter in was theirs and whatever their decision it would be respected. Students who have not returned to school continue to receive remote learning via online platforms such as Class Dojo, Teams and Zoom.

Mrs Fernley, Mrs Wright and Mrs Brown along with our wonderful Caretaker, Charles worked very hard in preparing the site for opening and ensured that the necessary changes were made so that everyone would be as safe as possible in school. It is important that our parents feel confident that we have undertaken all of the necessary steps as their children return to school and, to this end, maintaining clear lines of communication has been vital throughout lock down.

Parents have been informed that if their child shows any signs of COVID19 they must, of course, keep them at home and follow all Government guidelines.

There is an array of signage reminding everyone to socially distance, wash their hands, sanitize etc. 

I would like to commend our Year 10 pupils who have acted so responsibly since we returned, they wash their hands without questioning, keep their distance, follow the protocols put in place and I have enjoyed their company immensely.

From my P.E. Studio I can hear tiny voices singing in our Reception Class, I hear them playing and most importantly hear their laughter.

I look forward to welcoming back all of the children and staff when we return in September so our Park School Community is finally complete again.

Mrs L Wright, Deputy Head

Half of our Reception Class pupils have returned. ‘Happy Birthday to You’ is their song of choice to ensure they wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Mrs Muir asked her Reception Class how they felt about being back in school.

“I am very happy and so excited to be back at school.”

“We love Park School because there are nice teachers, nice friends and we missed our friends.”

“The best thing about being back at school is seeing our friends.”

“We have nice classrooms and it is fun to learn at school.”

Some of our Year 10 students have been in school for face-to-face time with their teachers to supplement their remote learning as they prepare to face GCSEs next year.

At first, I found it quite odd coming back to school, but it has allowed me to clarify specific topics I struggled with and have ordinary lessons with my teachers again. I have also enjoyed seeing my friends, and although we must follow social distancing rules, it is still nice to get back to some form of normality!  Hemma

Returning to school was quite interesting. Although I was quite excited to meet everyone and to continue my learning face to face rather than virtually, it felt strange being socially distant and taking extra precautions regarding hygiene. The school has provided many sanitizer stations and taken extra care concerning the health and wellbeing of the students and teachers. Overall, I really have enjoyed going back to school as it was easier to clarify my queries and understand the topics on a deeper level.   Amelia

Returning to school has been nice because I feel that I am more engaged when I’m in class because I have less distractions than when I am at home. I have also enjoyed seeing my friends and being able to ask teachers about things that I did not understand in online lessons. However, I don’t like having to wake up earlier and I feel that I have less freedom in school than I do at home.


Desks are designated to specific students and spaced to comply with government guidelines.

Students do not share equipment and they no longer move from class to class, they remain in one classroom and teaching staff ‘travel’ to them.

School currently operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday to facilitate cleaning. Our Cleaning Team are appropriately trained to deep clean.

Timings of lessons, the start of the day and end of the day have all been adjusted to avoid students passing on corridors. 

Break times have been staggered and the playground divided into sections to facilitate non-contact socialising at break times.

Social distancing extends to the whole Park School community including staff and parents who now have designated waiting areas for drop off and collection times.

Those students and staff who have been in school have adapted very quickly to the new protocols and we look forward to welcoming more staff and students back to school in September.