Redbridge Inter-School Debate

On Friday 13th March, three Year 11 students (Malaika, Amber and Imaan) went to Woodford County High School to take part in the inaugural Redbridge Inter-School Debate.

The topic under discussion was ‘Returning terrorist fighters should be prosecuted for treason.’ The panel, chaired by Faye Hussain, consisted of two speakers agreeing with the motion and two opposing it, taken from the world of business and government. Both sides made many thought provoking points and answered the many questions directed at them in interesting detail.

The experience was very enlightening and we learnt a lot more about this topic than we had known before, which made some of us re-evaluate a number of our own opinions about the issue. We certainly enjoyed the opportunity to voice our opinions before such a diverse and large audience and look forward to any similar events in the future.

Malaika and Amber