PSHEC – Transition to Senior School

Since starting school in September our Year 7 students have adjusted to many new things, including all of the rules and regulations associated with Covid. Transitioning from primary to senior school is a massive change on its own. As a school, it is our priority to ensure we help all of our new students feel settled in their new surroundings and routines. Within their PSHEC lessons students have been learning about the schemes we have in place that can help with their general wellbeing.

‘In this school, we have been introduced to some new websites and systems that are in place to help us overcome problems or to help solve them. They are called Zumos for our mental wellbeing and Girls on Board to help with friendships. Thankfully, we haven’t had to use these resources yet, but it is reassuring to know these tools are available should we need them.’

By Zara and Sanvi

Through their PSHEC lessons, our students are also being taught skills and attributes they will require to be prepared for any situation that occurs, this will further assist their transition into senior school.