PSHEC Spring Term

Careers Fair:

Year 10 visited Forest School in January for the annual Careers Fair. This gave them the opportunity to find out what qualifications they would need for their future career or find out more about particular fields they may be interested in. They returned with many information booklets from companies and universities.

‘Year 10, Mrs Lesser and Mrs Harker went to Forest School for a careers trip. The purpose of this trip was to give us an insight and help us to make some decisions of what courses, college or university we would like to consider in the future. It also offered us the chance to see what expectations would be required.

We received free booklets, pens and bags. We were given an introduction to what universities were like. There were Jobs advertised, such as RAF recruitments, Law firm, NHS, Banks etc. There was a lot of information on apprenticeships, which could be something to consider after A Levels.

We benefitted from this trip as it gave us a target to work towards such as the results we would need to achieve at the end of Year 11 and also an indication of what A Levels we may need to take for a course we are interested in.’

By Leah, Kithmini and Manisha

Community Placement:

To help develop our pupils’ skills we provide community placement in Year 9, which takes place in the Junior School, Music, Art and PE departments. We placed the year 9 girls in various classes and they spent the day with the teacher and pupils. They had to wear appropriate clothing and complete various tasks for the teacher such as helping with display boards, helping young pupils with their reading and spellings, marking and the general organisation that a teachers does.

There was a variety of comments after the experience took place such as – how tiring it was, I really enjoyed it, definitely do not want to work with small kids, how hard it is and so on. From this, the girls have started to get an insight into the working world, develop new and old skills and now have something they can put onto their CV for the future or when applying to 6th form establishments. The present Year 9 girls will have the opportunity to attend work experience outside of the school in December this year. This provides them with the opportunity to try nearly anything they want to.

Choosing GCSE’s:

In the spring term, it is decision-making time for Years 9 students. During PSHEC lessons, the girls have been completing a variety of activities about themselves, which has involved making decisions about themselves – what they like, what they do not like, favourite thing etc. What has been hard for them is thinking about what they are good at. Nobody likes to be boastful but nowadays we seriously have to consider what we are good at, as this will help us achieve what we want in life…

The girls have had to think hard about what they would like to do. When choosing GCSE’s, it is not about the career at that particular moment but about them – what they like and are good at, no one else for example friends, teachers, and parents and so on. This is what each girl needs to do to achieve good grades to carry on with the next level of qualifications.

To continue to the next level of education/ jobs – 5 GCSE’s at level 4 and above is required however some schools will require higher levels of GCSE’s to attend their school.

To help the girls with their decisions, a GCSE Convention was set up for them to listen to their teachers talk about what is involved in their subject and to give the girls the opportunity to ask questions.


ZUMOS - display boardAs part of our Zumos Project – we are promoting International Happiness Day by creating a display board to show everyone what makes us happy and how important an act of kindness we do, can make others happy. Originally, this was set-up by a United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien to inspire a global happiness around the world. This is to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

After the Easter break, a Zumos launch will take place for the prep school therefore every child in Park School will have access to find out any information that will help with their general wellbeing. It will also offer them the chance to speak out and find out information they may want to know personally.