Pedestrian Safety Training

On Monday 26th February 2018, For2Feet came in to teach the pupils in Year 3 and 4 about Pedestrian Safety. The girls were taken out in the local area and were taught how to be safe in different situations and what possible hazards could arise when they are outside.

They girls were shown how to cross a road and taught about the different types of crossings and how to use them safely. They discussed what should and should not be done to stay safe when using the road and walking on the pavement.

On the 26th February 2018 we had a workshop about Road Safety. We went outside and learnt some rules about how to be safe. A few of the rules we learnt were to only cross the road when the green man is showing, don’t play games near the road, and don’t run across the road.

To stay safe you should hold your parent’s hand when crossing the road. Did you know at least 5 children get hurt every day crossing the road?

Fatimah (Year 3)

Road safety is very important. We learnt all about how to be safe when using the roads, when we are in the car and when we are walking on the pavement. When you want to cross the road there will be a red man and a green man. If you see the red man, you cannot cross the road, when you see the green man it is safe to walk across the road. Don’t listen to loud music or play games near the road. If you are driving, do not look at your phone or send messages.

Aniya (Year 3)