This year’s final of the Patricia Lambert Public Speaking Competition took place on Wednesday 10th October. It involved two students from each Year in the Upper School, all of whom had been nominated to progress from the first stage of the competition which was held earlier in the term during English lessons.

The topics ranged from, ‘Being Young is Over-Rated’ to ‘Real Learning Doesn’t Take Place in the Classroom.’ The standard of speeches was extremely high and the judges were very impressed by all of the participants’ research, writing and delivery.

The judges, Mrs Wright (Deputy Head) and Mr Evans (Head of English), had no easy task in arriving at their final decision but in the end it was agreed that the winners should be: Rebeka (Year 11), Donika (Year 10), Neha (Year 9), Larissa (Year 8), Aisha (Year 7).

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in and supported the event.