We are delighted to announce that the National Lottery has awarded Park School for Girls £9,960 for the second year running for ‘Resilience and Self-Esteem Building’.

According to the National Lottery

‘Receiving this award is a mark of quality of the work you are doing in your community.’

This is because of school’s proactive broad-spectrum approach to mental health issues to on order to prevent problems from arising before they occur.

The Zumos Wellbeing Project is an online support system which has been developed in collaboration with CAMHS and has been designed to build and maintain emotional resilience and self-confidence in our students before crisis point is reached. It can be accessed on any device connected to the internet, including smart phones, and gives children approved support and guidance inside and outside of school 24 hours a day.

The Zumos Wellbeing Project fully aligns with the research findings from Future in Mind, the 2015 report of the cross-Government Children and Young People’s Mental Health Taskforce, and enables us to develop a whole school approach to promoting resilience and improving emotional wellbeing, preventing mental health problems from arising and providing early support where they do. Research shows growing evidence that school-based activities have benefits in terms of increasing knowledge and confidence, and improves mental health symptoms.

Running the project enables more of our young people to fulfil their potential by addressing issues at the earliest possible stage and improves the school as a place that matters to the community.