Park School Careers Programme

Every year our Year 10 students take part in Work Experience in the community, which is an essential part of the ‘Park School Careers Programme’. Work Experience placements enable our pupils to have an understanding of the real world and what going out to work involves. It provides the setting for them to develop and use new skills and attributes. It also helps our students to make career decisions and provides practical experience for future part or full time jobs. It is a great way of adding to their CV.

This year the Year 10 group went on work experience from Monday 10th to Friday 14th February 2020.

Mrs Lesser, Head of Careers

Work Experience – Feedback from Year 10

King George Hospital

My Work Experience placement was at King George Hospital. I really enjoyed working there and I was treated like an employee. My hours were from 9a.m. to 4p.m. which is normal working hours for most people. This placement helped me to determine my career choice in medicine. I was placed in Poppy Ward which is a geriatric rehabilitation centre for patients 50+ who will eventually be discharged and sent home with a package of care. During my time there I explored many skills from writing discharge summaries to socialising with patients. Working at the hospital made me realise how much responsibility a person working in a medical field has.

My day to day job entailed a meeting of the staff every morning to discuss the patients update and every Thursday there was a patient review with the consultant and the team. There was a daily physiotherapy session with each individual and on a Monday and Friday there was a 2 hour social interaction session.

Regular check-ups were done according to the patient’s needs and with the consultant. Certain skills such as writing a referral letter for the patients and communicating with the patients and their families were important parts of the experience which increased my confidence and understanding of my job.

To immediately get the patient’s blood results, my colleague and I rushed off to the A&E to deliver it to the forensic lab. When I had enough experience I was entrusted with the responsibility to do this independently which gave me a sense of responsibility and even more enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the week I felt slightly shy and I was unaware of what I was doing. As the week progressed, I felt more comfortable with my environment and I felt more relaxed working in that area of expertise.

On Friday the team went out for lunch together. This was an unusual but a fun way to end my week there by understanding my colleagues more.

It was a really fulfilling experience and I hope to work there in the future.

Amelia, Year 10

Everard Construction Management

I did my work experience at Everard Construction Management in Mile End. I worked from 10a.m to 5p.m with a one hour lunch break and I was allowed to take many 5 minutes breaks when I felt I needed to. During my work experience I learnt a variety of different skills from answering the phone to what it is like on a construction site. I mainly worked on the admin desk where I completed numerous tasks using Word and Excel, checking emails, creating labels and receiving phone calls. I also looked at architectural designs and learnt about what was involved in construction.

As a whole, I enjoyed my work experience and I learnt and discovered a lot of new things which are very useful. My favourite part of the whole week was when I went on a site visit to Notting Hill. The site manager talked me through how everything works and especially the importance of health and safety. It was fascinating and different to what I had been doing during the week. There was one thing I didn’t like – analysing figures on Excel, this was very time-consuming and it hurt my eyes!

The skills and attributes required for the job include confidence and patience. I had to be confident enough to speak to my supervisor and colleagues, especially when I needed help. I also had to be patient with certain aspects of the job, in particular when I had to repeat several tasks. It was also very important to be respectful towards my colleagues.

In my log book I had to keep track of how much money I had spent each day. For example lunch, snacks and transport. I did go out for lunch most days and I did pay for myself which helped me to be more aware of money. I definitely learnt how to handle money and use it more wisely.

I won’t consider construction as a future career or even doing admin as I did find some of it quite boring and hard. However, my work experience was very helpful and useful as I learnt many new skills including time-keeping, punctuality and independence which are required in careers. In my opinion, work experience is very different to school as you have to be more independent which makes you feel more mature and responsible. To conclude, it was a great experience.

Khadija, Year 10