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Work Experience and Study Skills

'Pupils have very strong study skills for their age.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate 2022

Careers Education

The following information is the scheme of work each year group will cover over their five years at Park School for Girls.

The programme is delivered through PSHEC lessons.

Year 7

The pupils will be engaged by researching the importance of the employability/ key and personal life skills that will help them with their future career paths. They will learn the importance of each skill and how they can develop it, in and out of school by being active within the curriculum and their personal life.

In small groups, they will produce and present their career choices to their class. Talking about the qualifications that will be required and the skills and attributes they will need to achieve the career and take on that role.

Pupils will also complete a topic on learning about finance.

Year 8

In year 8, the pupils will recap employability/ key and personal life skills, through a basic task and then discover more about what sort of person they are by completing activities, which involve them thinking more about what they need and want for their future.

They will then learn about the types of learners they are, which will enable them to have an understanding of how they learn and what ways will help them decide their future decisions in life for example choosing their GCSEs.

The pupils will also learn about the different work sectors that they can work for – public, private and voluntary. They will research one particular job they are interested in and find out what it would be like working that career in each sector – (benefits, salary, hours, work load etc.)

Year 9

In Year 9, the pupils will carry out tasks that will help them make choices in life, especially in relation to choosing their GCSEs. They will complete various worksheets and research websites to help advise them when choosing their GCSE’s. The pupils will also be given an Options booklet to tell them exactly what is involved in each GCSE and take part in an Options Convention involving all the subject teachers and then an evening for parents and pupils will be arranged to explain everything and have any questions answered.

The topic will be carried out in the spring term to help them choose their GCSE options for Year 10. However, at the start of the year, they will complete a careers record sheet to recognise what they have completed and achieved in their first two years in senior school, also make them aware of references that will be used for POST 16 courses and complete a booklet that will give them a guideline of how they want to succeed in life.

As part of the careers programme they will also participate in ‘Community Placement’ which will take place in the school. Pupils will work with certain classes and departments for a day learning what involved in teaching but also developing and learning new skills and attributes.

They will also recap the important skills they learned in Years 7 and 8, which will demonstrate how versatile they have become and will continue to as they progress through the school. In the summer term they will complete an, ‘Apprentice project’ that will involve them using the various employability/ key skills. They will have to produce a make -believe application for a mobile phone that involves researching, marketing, finance, team working etc. and then complete a power point presentation, which will involve them speaking to the whole school.

Year 10 and Year 11

The pupils follow a two-year programme to help them with their future career path.

The pupils will begin by researching specific career choices to help then choose the right course for them. The tasks involved, will mean the pupils exploring and gaining information on various courses available to them – A Levels, Apprenticeships and Vocational courses such as BTEC courses that they can do once completed their GCSEs.

They will also have information on what happens if they don’t achieve what they want – they will create a contingency plan as well. The pupils will research various establishments that will suit them personally, complete application forms, personal statements and interview techniques. The aim is for them to choose the ideal establishment that will help them achieve their future goals. This will continue in year 11, where they can attend various Open Days and Evenings.

In the Autumn of Year 10 pupils are also prepared for a week of work experience which they carry out in the spring term. Work experience gives the pupils an insight into what working life is about and for some of them an idea of what they may like to do in the future.

In Year 11 they will be given a POST 16 booklet of information on various schools, forms to complete to help us with references and application forms that past pupils have attended to give them an idea of what to expect when applying for a POST 16 courses. Various schools and colleges will come in to give talks to the girls. They will also gain information on applying for part or full time work. The process that will be involved in this allows the pupils to create CVs, look at job descriptions, write letters, complete applications forms and interviews techniques.

During these two years the pupils will gain some insight to what careers path they would like to consider through various taster sessions, trips and visitors. This will give them the opportunity to gain a more hands-on experience and develop a greater degree of self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses allowing them to make informed decisions about their future path post 16.

In both years, we deliver workshops to help towards revision, exam stress and general growth mind-set.

Year 10 Work Experience 1:


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Year 10 Work Experience 2: 


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Year 10 Study Skills Workshop: 


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