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'Adventure is worthwhile in itself'

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) was an American aviation pioneer famous for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Year 7 

Pupils learn the basic skills: atlas work, O/S map work, interpreting photographs and drawing a variety of graphs.  Pupils then study the Geography of the UK. We will also do an Environmental quality survey to compare school and their home environment.

Year 8

Pupils study Economic Activities.  We look at Farming and cruelty of animals in commercial farming. We look at Manufacturing and do a 'where are our clothes made' Geography Fieldwork. Then we look at Tourism as a tertiary industry.  In the Summer term we will study Weather in the UK and later another Physical Geography topic. This is a choice pupils can make.

Year 9 

Pupils study the 'Development Gap' and look at Nigeria as a case study of a newly emerging economy. In the last term we do a physical Geography topic and undertake some Rivers fieldwork.

Year 10    

Pupils study physical geography Paper 1. This includes Natural Hazards, Climate change, Ecosystems, and the challenge of Cold environments. Rivers and Coasts, with fieldwork on Rivers for Paper 3.

Year 11

Pupils study Paper 2 Human Geography. Urban Geography looking at Lagos and London. Fieldwork is also carried out. Also, Economic Development and Resources, is the world running out!

We also have the Pre-released material in the March of the year they take their exams. This is a decision-making resource for Paper 3.