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Ethos & Values- The Park School Way

The tradition and ethos of Park School rests on negotiation and the expectation of reasonable behaviour. 

We avoid formal sanctions as much as possible and place an emphasis on personal responsibility and reflection.

We encourage pupils to consider others as much as possible and to reflect on the foreseeable consequences of their actions.


 We have the Right to: 

work in a stimulating environment which promotes learning;

express ourselves, have our voice heard and to feel valued as an individual;

be treated fairly, and to appropriately challenge unfairness; 

give constructive comments;

a clean working environment;

to leave our property in the knowledge that it won’t be interfered with; 

feel safe and secure, free from threats and harassment;

have an open line of communication and be informed of all important decisions;

have a voice in the running of the school through School Council and through the

Prefect Team;

shed an individual’s negative reputation once they have reformed. 


We have the Responsibility to:

allow the teacher to teach in a way that is appropriate to the subject;

not to disrupt the class or undermine the teacher; 

look after the school environment ( not vandalise, litter or waste resources);

refrain from violence, unsafe actions and from threatening and harassing others;

leave others property and belongings alone;

to make all new teachers and pupils feel welcome, realising that adjusting to the school may take time; 

respect others views. (However this does not negate the right to challenge constructively the views of others);

to be good representatives of Park School when out of school; 

teachers have the additional responsibility to ensure that any work to be done out of class is relevant and constructive.


Older pupils have the responsibility to respect the guidelines of their privileges (e.g. leaving school during lunchtime) and to contribute to any duties asked of them. Older pupils also have the responsibility to look after the welfare of younger pupils. 

At Park School we do not believe in a rigid set of rules and punishments. If a pupil disregards their responsibilities about expected behaviour, the consequences should be considered individually and be fitting to the action.

In order to help enforce the principles outlined above, all pupils are expected to adhere to the Park School Way

Treat others as you would be treated




Be friendly

Be polite

Be inclusive

Be respectful

Be generous to each other

Be kind

Be helpful

Be honest

Work hard to do your best to be your best self