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It is fitting that our pupils choose a variety of good schools and other exciting avenues when they bid a fond farewell to life at Park School.

The majority of our Year 11 children continue their education with A-level studies at grammar, selective independent schools or high performing sixth form colleges.

What is important to us is that each pupil takes the path that is right for them. Our teachers know the pupils incredibly well and advise parents accordingly. We are happy when we see former Year 6 children grow into confident and successful young people at our own Senior School and similarly when we hear of their continued progress at another school that we knew to be the right fit for them.

Popular destinations for our Year 11 pupils to complete their studies include:

Anglo European School

Bancroft's School

Chigwell School

City of Islington College

Forest School

Woodford County High School for Girls

After achieving A Levels, many of our Park School pupils go on to study at top-performing Universities, including the Red Brick Universities.   Examples of Degree courses studied by our pupils include Medicine, Aerospace Engineering, Law, Theology, Crime & Psychology, History, Economics.  We are always delighted to learn that many of our alumni experience high-flying careers in the business world, for example, Finance, Medicine, Teaching, Hospitality, Engineering.