The P.E. Department is still hard at work setting the children tasks to keep them focused and engaged in these unusual times. Mrs Lesser and I are so impressed with the children’s desire to do well and improve their fitness levels whilst at home. Here are some extracts from Year 7 – 9 after completing work on fitness data as part of our remote learning tasks.

Mrs L Wright,
Head of P.E.

Year 7

The Three Immediate Effects Of Exercise Are:

  • Heart rate increases
  • Breathing increases
  • Temperature increases

Year 8

Why Is It Important To Exercise While We Are Isolated?

Exercising has many benefits. It can improve our mental well-being and our mood – during exercise our bodies release certain chemicals which help to make us feel more relaxed, help us deal with stress and reduce the risk of depression. It can also help us lose weight – along with what you eat, exercise plays a vital part in staying healthy, and given the current situation, it’s very important to stay healthy. Exercise stimulates your body to release chemicals that improve the structure and function of your brain, and since we’re not at school it’s very important to keep our brains working.

Year 9

Comparing Resting And Working Heart Rates.