Our Spanish teacher, Mr Fernandez is a published author!

The police confirm it was a natural death.
Megan believes it was a murder.
The truth was …

Our Spanish teacher, Mr Fernandez has ‘confessed’ that he has a secret – he is a published author! We were very surprised as he had not disclosed this talent to anyone at Park.

We asked for a short extract as the book is currently only available in Spanish.

With a suitcase in her hand, a job interview and the determination to make a fresh start, Megan’s life takes an unexpected turn when she receives fateful news. Her uncle Paddy has been found dead in his car. Megan will race against the clock to save the memory of her family and discover the truth of her uncle’s death. A truth that will challenge her beliefs and endanger her own life.

Will she be the next victim or is it all a product of her imagination?

Mr Fernandez has a love for reading and writing. After almost three years, he finished “Una Muerte Imperfecta”. At that time nobody had read it, so he sent the manuscript to a well-known Spanish author who did a literary report about the quality of the manuscript. The feedback was very positive and encouraging. Mr Fernandez hired an editor and a book cover designer and published the book as an independent author through the platform Amazon Spain back in December. Since then, he has received reviews from Amazon, booktubers and bloggers. He has also received emails from readers who enjoyed “Una Muerte Imperfecta”.

We are very proud of Mr Fernandez and we look forward to an English translation.