Our Planting Experience

On May 1st the Prep Department began its gardening project and here are the thoughts of some of the observations the girls have made about their planting experience. So far it has been mostly about the strawberries!

We have been growing strawberries for the last six weeks and the strawberries are now ready to eat, but there’s still some that are not ripe in colour but probably soon will be ready to eat.

We have been eating the strawberries throughout the time, but we are waiting for the rest to become ripe.

We have harvested roughly about fifteen strawberries. As a class we have been taking turns to water them and our rota is coming along now.

We have been enjoying it so far and we can’t wait to eat the rest!


Six weeks ago, the Prep Department planted some strawberries, tomatoes, sage, marigolds and carrot seeds in wooden troughs. They grew really well and it was fun eating the strawberries. We even made a timetable of who waters them on what day.

We have been growing plants for several weeks. Our strawberries have grown really and they are tasty and sweet. The carrots have grown really well too. The little carrot leaves are growing and we are waiting for them. We also have tomatoes and some people have got tiny green balls!


We’ve been growing strawberries for the last six weeks. We have harvested about 15 strawberries. We have also eaten them, but there are still more growing so we can harvest them. Our strawberries used to be green, but they progressed to become red.


At school we grew some plants. We grew strawberries, tomatoes, carrots and marigolds. My favourite bit was when we planted the plants. On the 15th of June we found strawberry runners so we pinned them into the soil.


In Park School for Girls we together planted some strawberry plants, tomatoes, marigolds and carrots. We added some seeds and they grew very long and we also added so much water. We planted strawberries and shared them with our class. The marigolds grew very fast and quickly, the strawberries were a bit slower and the tomatoes and the carrots are very slow.


In our school we have some troughs and we planted strawberry plants, tomatoes, marigolds and carrot seeds. Our teacher Mrs Clayden taught us about the strawberry runners, so we decided to pin the leaves to a pot with some soil in it so it would grow some roots.


And the last pictures show much the troughs have grown thanks to the care the girls have given them!

Gardening project