Our Houses of Parliament Adventure

Houses of Parliament 2018The adventure began on May 17th with a journey into Central London on public transport. For some girls this was their first trip on the underground and it was certainly the first time on an escalator for several more. With careful planning and many helping hands we successfully reached our destination.

Laws and debating tour and workshop

Our visit began with a tour of the Palace of Westminster. We saw the historic Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original palace, and the Central Lobby at the very heart of Parliament. As it is a working building access to different parts of the Palace of Westminster, as part of the tour, varies due to Parliamentary business. We were very lucky to visit the public galleries in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and watch their live debates. We were shown round in small groups by knowledgeable guides, who were happy to answer any questions the girls had.

Our tour was followed by a workshop about laws and debating. The focus of this workshop was how Parliament makes laws. The girls came up with excellent ideas for bills to present to Parliament and followed the process of passing one of these bills into law through active role play. The groups participated enthusiastically in debates and votes along the way, and learnt about the role of the Commons, the Lords and the Monarch in making a law.

After a picnic lunch, enjoyed in the sunshine in the park, we tackled the journey home on hot and crowded trains. We were immensely proud of the girls as usual. They were praised for their behaviour by the parliamentary staff and they listened carefully to instructions ensuring that we completed our journeys safely there and back.

Here are some thoughts from Year 6

At the Houses of Parliament, we had a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We watched two debates, one about the Grenfell Tower fire and one about gambling and gaming. Thank you for taking us.


The Houses of Parliament trip was a really fun experience. Today I learnt that the Queen only comes once a year. There are three different parts – the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarchy. I wish I could go again.


On the 17th May, all the preps (Reception to Year 6) went to the Houses of Parliament. We all took the train. We all had a tour of Parliament and we also watched a real debate! We had so much fun and we learnt an awful lot of history. I hope we go again.