Our Experience of Grittleton

Year 8 and 9 went on a residential trip to Grittleton House in June. Our favourite activities were the Crate Challenge, Water Wars and Karting. The Crate Challenge helped conquer my fear of heights but gave me more confidence. Water Wars was amazing and we did lots of challenges like duck, duck, goose with cups filled with water and a form of dodge ball. Karting was really fun because when you lost control of the kart, you span around.

The accommodation was great, we shared a room in small groups and had our own bathroom as well. The grounds, were beautiful and we were able to chill outside and around the accommodation. We were lucky as the weather was fine.

All these activities and the experience itself, helped to improve multiple skills such as confidence, team work, responsibility and independence. We enjoyed the trip a lot and wouldn’t mind going back.

By Adshaya, Hemma and Areeb

Residential trip to Grittleton House 2019