Our Environmental Hero

Mrs Nicholas, Head Teacher, was very proud when a student in our Prep School asked if she could address her fellow students in assembly on a subject about which she feels passionate – the environment. Park is registered with the Eco-Schools Programme and it is great to see a student promoting such an innovative way to care for the oceans.

Our students are encouraged to be confident communicators and it was wonderful to see Zara clearly and concisely deliver the following speech to the whole Prep School via our online Zoom assembly.

While I have been online schooling, I have become aware that during this pandemic, more plastic items are being thrown into the ocean, such as, surgical gowns and gloves. I feel it is necessary to seize the opportunity to help our environment during this pandemic.

Recently, I came across a search engine called ‘Ocean Hero’. What this search engine does is, for every five searches you do, it will remove one ocean bound plastic bottle from the ocean. This is why I encourage everyone to use this search engine https://oceanhero.today

Ocean Hero – The search engine that saves the ocean.

Well done Zara!