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Year 7 Castles

Year 7 were tasked with a home learning project to increase their understanding of how and why castles were designed the way they were and the features of a castle that made it effective for attack and defence. Year 7 had several weeks to complete the project and design a realistic, practical, medieval castle. They could choose between building a model of a castle, drawing a detailed labelled diagram or an architectural plan. They also needed to include a detailed analysis of their work.

My Motte and Bailey castle has lots of defence features similar to the first Motte and Bailey castles made between 1066 and 1086. The motte (which I made from a plant pot) allows the people in the keep to have a good view of incoming enemies. The bailey provides sufficient living space for soldiers and servants and the fosse and palisade provide extra protection. My castle is simple, yet sturdy, safe and heavily armed. It would be an ideal place for King William to stay safe.

Hannah 7FH

To help me draw and design my castle, I looked for online references of the motte and bailey castles. I added small details, including the horses and the huts. I labelled and loloured my diagram so it was easy to understand my diagram. Next time, I would add more detail and make it look more realistic.

Fatima – Noor 7FH