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Science Week

This week we welcomed Science Week to Park School and our celebrations were soon underway. 

As the theme is ‘Growth’ we had lots of ideas for our activities, including a live butterfly garden where we will be able to witness the transformation of caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Before Easter we hope to release our butterflies into the wild!

Our Prep children enjoyed their French lesson learning about lifecycles. The Year 1 and 2 children had fun doing activities for British Science week today. We have been growing our knowledge. We explored ‘fizzy colours’. The girls had to guess what the coloured liquid was… vinegar! Most did not like the smell but once they saw the reaction with the baking soda they forgot all about it! The children had fun putting pipettes of coloured vinegar onto the baking soda to mix colours and make patterns. They learned that the vinegar, an acid and the baking soda, an alkali made a chemical reaction.

One of our other activities today was the Build a tower competition, with each House competing against each other. Using spaghetti and marshmallows, we tried to build the highest tower in 2 minutes.

Year 7 & 8 will also be carrying out a science practical where they will swab surfaces, etc and see what they get to grow on agar plates.

Year 9 will be researching influential women in STEM and how attitudes to women working in such areas has so drastically changed. This also ties into our recent International Women’s Day celebrations ‘Break the Bias’.

Each pupil has also been given a nasturtium seed growing set, so that we can see whose seeds grow the most, resulting in some beautifully coloured flowers at the end of the experiment. Along the way, we shall be keeping a growth diary and considering what factors encourage the best growth. We will also try to get what colour flowers are seeds will grow into.

Year 10 Separate Science pupils made Copper metal on Thursday, using the process of electrolysis.

Finally, we have been building a ‘Grow your mind’ board and both pupils and staff have been tasked with finding the most interesting and extraordinary fact that they can! This will truly make for some interesting reading at the end of the experiment and will make our minds burst with new amazing facts that we never knew before!