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Charitable Work

“My name is Simran-Katy. I am 13 years old. Throughout March I raised money for Marie Curie which is a non-profitable charity that supports those who have a terminal illness which means that they may die sooner than they are meant to.

We have a Park Service Award which encourages us to do voluntary/ charity work inside or outside of school. We are awarded a point for each 30 minutes of charity work and then the pupil with the most points will be awarded a prize at our annual Prize Giving ceremony.

I had hoped to raise £250 for the charity Marie Curie with the support of my family and school.

In 2012 my family used the free service of Marie Curie nurses for my grandmother. She had the condition end stage Heart failure, and they supported our family through that time.

In early March it was the 10th year anniversary since my grandmother passed away, I then had the idea of taking part in the Great Daffodil Appeal selling daffodils at school. I took the initiative to speak to our Head Teacher, Mrs Redfern, and she supported my ideas of having an Easter raffle, a tuck shop and selling the daffodils at school.

I am proud to say that I raised a grand total of £544.29.

I really enjoyed raising money for Marie Curie as I got the chance to donate some money to the charity which will be used to help somebody else with a terminal illness and their family throughout this difficult time.

This money can go towards nursing care for someone living with a terminal illness in their own home to give their family a break during the day or the night or even help the family by taking them into a hospice to give the family a break for a few days.

If you would like to donate to the Marie Curie charity, please do so, as you never know who may need the Marie Curie nurses in the future!”

"We are delighted and very proud of the kindness, entrepreneurship and initiative demonstrated by Simran-Katy and said: “Here at Park School for Girls we encourage all pupils to develop a range of skills inside and outside of the classroom and also to look wider, beyond themselves, to think about others. The Park Service Award is one way that we achieve this and many pupils contribute to others so we are pleased to be able to recognise this wonderful work by our pupils.” Catherine Redfern, Head Teacher.

We have since learned that Simran-Katy has now been nominated for a Young Citizen’s Award in the upcoming Mayor of Redbridge’s Community Awards in a few months’ time.  We are extremely proud of her!

The local press have also published the article.  Please visit the links below to enjoy the story.

On Friday 20th May, we were also delighted to welcome Paul Draper,Community Fundraiser – east London and the City of London who came to school for an official cheque presentation.  It was an exciting moment for everyone to share together in an assembly.