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Simran-Katy fundraising for Marie Curie

Fundraising for Marie Curie charity

Simran-Katy has been nominated for a Young Citizen’s Award …

Business-grade booster workshop for Year 11

Our GCSE business pupils went on a trip to Stratford for an intensive grade booster.

year 6 netball team 2022

Netball tournament

Our Year 6 girls took part in the Redbridge Netball Tournament.

Educational Quality Inspection by ISI

We are delighted to report that the inspectors graded the school ‘good’…

Park School student - Spring Showcase 2022

Performing Arts Spring Showcase

We welcomed our Prep parents for a Performing Arts Spring Showcase.

Year 9 to 11 maths challenge

Year 9 to 11 students participated in Intermediate maths challenge which is organised by UKMT Year 9 to 11 students.

Children's Book Project at Park School

Children’s Book Project

During the last fortnight pupils and staff have been collecting books for the charity in the school library.

Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2022 - Artwork

The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards Art competition

Park School pupils have entered the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards Art competition.

London Aquarium trip 2022

London Aquarium Trip

To end a wonderful Science Week, the Prep children went on a trip to the London Aquarium.

2022 science week activities

Science Week

This week we welcome Science Week to Park School and our celebrations were soon underway.

Year 5 Titanic Exhibition Trip

Year 5 Titanic Trip

Year 5 were able to bring their learning together for their history unit by visiting the Titanic Exhibition.

Ayaanah, International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

As an all-through School for Girls, we encourage and celebrate Women’s achievements every day …

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day

The Park School Prep department helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.

Year 7 Castles

Year 7 – Castles

Year 7 were tasked with a home learning project to increase their understanding of how and why castles were designed …

Virgin Money lesson plan 2022

Make £5 Grow

Make £5 Grow is an initiative run by Virgin Money aimed at children aged 9-11.

Inter-house Science Competition – February 2022

Inter-house Science Competition – February 2022

We organised a Science competition for Senior School pupils.

The National Gallery trip 2022

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square

The students had a guided talk on the 19th century art movement – Impressionism.

Parks school girls at a careers fair trip organised by Forest School

Forest trip

Year 10 and 11 attended a careers fair organised by Forest School.

park service award drawing

Park Service Award

Senior pupils and Mrs Redfern worked together throughout the Autumn Term, sharing ideas to create this new initiative.

Year 9 uses drama to reconstruct the causes of the Great War

Year 9 uses drama to reconstruct the causes of the Great War

Shona, a member of the Serbian black …

pH testing of household items by YEAR 10 Combined Science group

pH testing of household items by YEAR 10 Combined Science group

Chemistry can be very colourful …

year 7 global warming project

Global Warming Project

This term Year 7 Physics pupils have been learning about energy transfer and different types of energy resources.

Hampton Court Trip 2021

Trip to Hampton Court and Ice-Skating

At the end of term, we had the best ever day.

house dance 2021

House Dance

House dance was the finale of our Autumn term, and it was fabulous to see the school community come together.

The Gingerbread Man activities

The Gingerbread Man

The Year One children have been reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in our English lessons.

Year 10 PE GCSE presentations

Year 10 PE GCSE students’ presentations

These are few PowerPoints of the amazing work my Year 10 PE GCSE students…

year 10 Separate Science

Year 10 Separate Science group

Students carrying out the chemistry technique of titration in the lab.

year 10 combined science

Year 10 Combined Science group

Students enjoying making models of polyethene, using molymods.

Saatchi Trip

Saatchi Trip

Year 10 and 11 GCSE Art pupils visited the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Park School Prep pupils

Life as a Park School Prep pupil is so much fun!

We have been learning about animal groups in science.

Year 9 Experiment

Experiment to identify the unknown metal compounds, using flame tests …

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week is an annual UK event held in the third week in November …

yr5 - global food

Year 5 are learning about Global Food

In DT this half term, Year 5 are learning about Global Food.

letters to the local MP

Letters to the local MP of Redbridge

Year 5 have been reading the book ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ by Onjali.

Aisha’s Netball - book

Aisha’s Netball

Ziana Butt, a past pupil of Park School published a book co-authored with her mum called Aisha’s Netball.

public speaking competition 2021

Patricia Lambert public speaking competition

The Patricia Lambert public speaking competition took place on 5th November.

Tate Modern trip

Tate Modern

Madame Johnson and Mrs Bellew took Year 8 to see ‘The Making of Rodin’ exhibition at the Tate Modern in London.

Science Museum Trip 2021

Science Museum Trip

On Thursday 21st October 2021, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Science Museum in London …

Art competition October 2021

Art Competition

Years 7, 8 and 9 were given a very important Art challenge this term by Mrs Redfern.

netball team 2021-2022

Meet the Park School netball teams of 2021-2022

This term, netball training has resumed with renewed vigour and determination.

year2 science experiments

Science experiments

This week, we carried out two experiments in Science.

MacMillan Coffee Morning - thank you

MacMillan Coffee Morning

This week we hosted a hugely successful MacMillan Coffee Morning.

paralympics at Park 2021

P.E. Paralympics at Park

Our pupils spent the first week back at school learning about Paralympic sports and activities …

Year 1 Poly Bird designs

Year 1 Roald Dahl Day

The Year 1 children have been listening to passages from the story the Twits, by Roald Dahl.

Creative Writing Competition

The competition was entered by all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 …

gcse results students 2021

GCSE results 2021

In typical Park School Tradition, GCSE results are outstanding…

fun experiment 2021

Fun experiment

A fun Chemistry experiment with Year 9 …

early years - fun after sports day 2021

Early Years

After a fantastic sports day the girls were excited to go to the park for an ice cream …

Sports day 2021

Sports Day

The weather was finally kind to us on our rescheduled sports day!

Saatchi Gallery: Year 10 printing workshop

Saatchi Trip

We had a guided tour of work by French artist JR followed by a printing workshop.

summer sport 2021

Summer sport

The children have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and summer sport activities.

Year 10 study skills 2021


The aim of the workshop was for pupils to learn about Growth Mind-set, to help them feel more confident …

Reception, Year 1 and 2 - planting beans

Reception, Year 1 & 2 activities

Jam Sandwiches, cookies, bee bot investigation and learning about plants …

Heroes Stamp Design Competition

Heroes Stamp Design Competition

Pupils have designed a stamp for a Royal Mail competition …

Day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre

Day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre

Year 7 feedback on the day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre …

Announcing the new Head Teacher

The Chairman of Governors at Park School, Mr Kondel, is delighted to announce …

Pyjamarama day 2021

Pyjamarama day

Thank you to all that took part; we raised £150 for the Year 11 charity Silverline.

Year 3 & 4 Bread Bake Off Sale 2021

Year 3 & 4 Bread Bake Off Sale

In ICT the girls created their own posters to advertise the event around the school.

world book day 21 - Prep girl

Celebrating World Book Day

Our Prep girls celebrated World Book Day by dressing up …

Easter hat competition and had fun and craft activities 2021

Silverline Charity

It was lovely to see all the children back in school to celebrate the end of the spring term.

Art - Senior School 2021

Art at Park

A collection of the most recent Art work the girls have been doing, with samples from Year 7 to Year 11…

comic relief 2021

Comic Relief March 2021

Due to the pandemic, we were limited on what we could do as a school community to help raise money for Comic Relief …

Park School teddies

Park School Buddies join the children at home

As a way of saying thank you and treating the children for all their hard work …

Mental Health Week-2021 - activities

Children’s Mental Health Week – Embrace yourself

As a school, our pupils’ well-being is vitally important to us …

Art Videos Feb 2021

Performance Art

During lockdown this term, Year 9 have been looking into Performance Art …

Mental Health Week-2021

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Pupils of Park School undertook many different activities …

Make Your Mark 2020

Park School for Girls took part in the Make Your Mark 2020 …

House Dance

Children from Years 5-9 have been busily choreographing their dances within class bubbles.

Primary Maths Challenge

The girls in Year 5 and 6 recently took part in the Primary Maths Challenge.

Earth and Space

This half term Year 5 have been studying Earth and Space in Science.

Zooming with Past Pupils to our Present Year 11 – POST 16

An amazing opportunity for Year 11 to ask questions about A Levels…

#Make Your Mark – The Largest Youth Consultation

Our senior school pupils will be placing…