Mental Health Week at Park School for Girls

(Zumba & Mental Health)

Children’s comment On Mental Health Week

Mental health week at Park School for Girls (PSG) started with a BANG! Park School believes that physical health stimulates a healthy mind.

According to ‘The Week Junior’ magazine (2020), mental health describes how we think, feel and behave. Anxiety (feeling nervous and stressed) and depressed (feeling sad, dejected and lacking energy for a long time) are examples of mental health problems. On average, one in eight children and one in four adults, experience mental illness.

On Monday, 3rd February at Park School, students, parents, teachers and governors assembled on the playground and together we danced away the coldness of the morning. Sissy our energetic Zumba instructor led a fun filled Zumba dance session, it put us in a joyous mood that remained with us for rest of the day. During the day each Year Group had a personalised session with Sissy ensuring everyone was happy!

Mrs. Jack
Head of Pastoral Care (Prep school)

On Monday, the 3rd February, Park School for Girls got grooving to make a big start for ‘Mental Health Week’.  Our instructor was spectacular Sissy who taught us Zumba. It was very exciting and made us laugh and when I saw people laughing, I felt happy that everyone was having FUN!

By Olivia (Yr. 6)

We found the Mental Health week activities interesting. We enjoyed it and it was a great way to express our feelings and gain some self-esteem. When we finished dancing, which was great exercise for us young children, we were given segments of succulent, delicious oranges! We loved this experience and we felt elated. It was a fun week; thank you to Mrs. Jack for organising it. 

We would like to recommend more of it for Reception to Year 6 because it is motivational and encourages us to be fit.

By Zainah / Waniya / Zara/ Anaya/Sanvi (Year 6)

We walked to the Valentine Park from school. Reception to Year 6 enjoyed the park ramble and we saw squirrels, birds and ducks. Also, we did meditation, cuddling our soft teddies, the music made us relax and not worry. We were very calm, relaxed, fresh and felt better. It sorted out our worries!

We enjoyed the Zumba dancing so much, it was so much fun; we loved it! It was amazing and energetic and we danced like no one was looking. It was fun week!

By Thikshi/ Zaina/ Zainab/ Safa/Aleena/ Henna (Year 4)