reception18 - playing dinosaursIf you make the choice to send your daughter to our Reception Class, you will be choosing an excellent next step in your daughter’s education.

Here at Park School, we aim to ensure that all children learn through play and leave our Reception Class with a love of learning and feeling safe and excited by the opportunities that learning offers.

One thing that makes the Early Years Foundation Stage provision at Park so unique in our area is the small class size. This means that we get to know each child extremely well. At their young age, they progress at their own speed and are given the individual support they need to grow and develop as young learners. This all happens under the watchful eye of Mrs Muir who is our highly experienced Early Years and Key Stage One Practitioner. She guides the girls through the experiences and learning opportunities they need to achieve the objectives expected of them by the end of the Reception and Year 1.

At Park everyone knows the Reception children, right up to Year 11. We have a House system that includes all the girls and even the youngest attend meetings and play their part in the termly competitions.

Inspectors who recently visited the school observed this relationship and said:

‘We have delightful girls who are outward going, supportive of each other and we are a true 4 – 16 school with the senior students working with and supporting the younger students.’

As part of the Prep School we include Reception in as many trips and activities as possible. They attend and take part in our assemblies. Last academic year, they were involved in ‘money training’ with Metrobank, visited Barleylands, the Houses of Parliament and the London Transport Museum. They are always the highlight of Sports Day!

This year we have combined Reception with Year 1, who are an invaluable resource as they help to support the Reception girls as they settle into coming to school, easing their transition into a new school environment. Collaborating with Year 1 also helps the Reception children develop their language and social skills, allowing them to become independent more quickly as they have other children to model how school works and the routines. As the Year 1 curriculum is also based on play this helps to support the Year 1 student’s transition into Key Stage One. If a Reception child needs extending there is often an opportunity for them to look at the Year 1 activities. If a Year 1 child needs some consolidation, they can also access this easily.

The bright and airy classroom is next to and connected to the Year 2 classroom, so by the end of Year 1 there is a natural a move into the room next door in which they feel very comfortable and to a teacher who is very familiar. Mrs Muir works closely with Mrs Haq to ensure that the passage from EYFS to Key Stage one is a smooth one, with careful planning for the year ahead in order to meet the needs of the girls.

Reception, and Year 1 share an outside play area with Year 2, which is fenced off from the main playground. At playtime a teacher is on duty, keeping a close eye on the little ones in their playground. The girls get the opportunity to play in the main playground before the older girls come out. Interaction with the other students of the Prep School means they are able to grow in confidence and improve their communication and language skills.

If you would like to meet Mrs Muir, view our Reception facilities and have a tour of the school, Mrs Williams, the Admissions Officer is happy to show you around. Please ring Mrs Williams to make an appointment, this can usually be done at short notice.

We look forward to welcoming you and your daughter and showing you our unique environment.