Reception, Years 1 & 2 and Year 3 to 6 Fees for 2020-2021

School Fees Autumn Term 2020-21 (SAME AS ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-20)

  • Reception (Ages 4-5) = £2,375
  • Pre Prep Year 1&2 (Ages 5-7) = £2,615
  • Prep School Year 3-4 (Ages 7-9) = £2,750
  • Prep School Year 5-6 (Ages 10-11) = £2,825

School Fees Spring Term and Summer Term 2020-21

  • Reception (Ages 4-5) = £2,494
  • Pre Prep Year 1&2 (Ages 5-7) = £2,746
  • Prep School Year 3-4 (Ages 7-9) = £2,888
  • Prep School Year 5-6 (Ages 10-11) = £2,966

Fees are invoiced termly and are payable by the first working day of each term.  We appreciate that finding the money for fees in a block can be difficult and offer a variety of payment methods.

There is a late payment charge of £30 for fees that are not paid by the first day of each term.

Our preferred method of payment is by transfer to our bank account using on-line banking, you can transfer the sum due directly into the school bank account (details available from the Bursar, and on our invoices). Its quick, easy safe and free!

Payment by cheque, payable to “Park School for Girls”. We no longer accept payment by cheque in school but you are welcome to go to our Bank and deposit a cheque.

Payment by Debit card, either in person or via telephone or telephoning the Bursar with card details.  There is no charge for payment by debit card. 

We cannot accept payment of fees in cash or by credit card.

School fees cover all tuition costs and resources, please see our charging policy for an indication of additional charges which will be incurred. 

Advance Full Year Payment of Fees

The school also offers a discount of £150 to parents who wish to pay a year’s fees in advance by the first day of the academic year in September.

  • Reception (Age 4-5) = £7,213
  • Pre Prep Year 1&2 (Age 5-7) = £7,957
  • Prep School Year 3-4 (Age 7-9) = £8,376
  • Prep School Years 5-6 (Age 10-11) = £8,607

Monthly Payment Scheme

We also offer payment by monthly standing order. 

There is a charge for using monthly payments, which is included in the cost below, the following monthly payment must be made by 14th of each month.  

Terms and Conditions for monthly payments

You can only sign up during July. The first payment for the Autumn Term is due in the July.

You set the standing order up with your bank in person or via Internet banking.  You don’t have to worry about fees any more.  The same amount will be taken from your bank account each month.

If you set up a standing order later than this, payments already due must be made with the first payment.

Payments for the academic year 2020 – 21 will start by 14th July 2020, and the year finishes on 14th June 2021.  Parents will then be invited to sign up for a further 12 months.

Should a standing order be returned unpaid, an administration charge of £30 will become payable, and you will be required to make up the payment within 7 days.  Payments made after 14th of each month are subject to a £20 late payment fee.

Should more than two standing order payments be returned within the same year, you will forfeit your right to use the scheme and will be required to bring your account up to date immediately.

The payment scheme does not roll forward to the next academic year.

Please contact the school if you require more details.

Discounts available

Fees are generally increased with effect from each Autumn Term.  Parents are notified of the new rate at the end of the Spring Term, and are invited to pay any number of terms in advance by the end of Summer Term – 10th July to secure these at the pre increase rate. 

For families with 2 daughters, we offer 5% discount against the younger sister’s fees.  For families with 3 or more daughters at the school, a discount of 15% will be applied against the fees of the youngest student for the period of time three sisters are at school.

If you recommend a friend to start at Park School, you will receive a credit note of £250 to be used towards your fees, once the friend has started a second term at the school.

For reference, the school fees per term for 2019-20 were:

  • Reception Class (Age 4-5) = £2,375
  • Pre preps – School Year 1 & 2 (Ages 6-7) = £2,615
  • Prep School -School Year 3-6 (Ages 7-11) = £2,750

Please be assured that details of your payment history will only be known to the Bursar and Head Teacher.  Your daughter’s place at the school is in jeopardy if you fail to meet your contractual obligations with respect to payment of fees. 

School fees include all tuition, use of some reference books, most stationery, use of science blocks and fees for weekly sports activities, whether held at school or off-site.

Fees do not include external examination fees, school trips, optional hot lunches and extra-curricular music tuition.

Our After School Club runs daily from the end of school up to 5.00pm allowing students of all ages to wait in a warm, supervised environment where they may read or do homework or private study.  The cost is £8.50 per night and includes a drink and snack.  Students may attend on an ad-hoc basis, once a week, or every night as required.

Other clubs will be offered during the year, you will receive details of these together with any charges separately.

In cases of genuine financial difficulty, we will try to assist but it is important that you contact the Bursar or Head Teacher immediately and keep us informed.

For more details, please contact the school on 0208 554 2466 or email


We offer a selection of Bursaries to parents of all students. These are means tested, based on family income. However all circumstances surrounding the student and her family are taken into account. Please download the form, complete and return with supporting documentation to the Bursar. All Bursaries are awarded for a period of one academic year, although families are required to reapply each Spring.

You are also welcome to contact the Bursar with specific questions.



Acknowledgement must be received from the School, or a term’s fee in lieu is payable.

This means that you must give notice by the first day of the term if you wish to withdraw your daughter at the end of that term.

The situation is different when a child moves from the Preparatory School to the Senior School. Notice of leaving must be received by the date stipulated when results of the Entrance Examination into the Senior School are published. This will be a minimum of 14 days after notification of results.

For more details, please contact the school on 0208 554 2466 or e-mail