On the 14th June 2018, the prep department had the opportunity to visit the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.  The girls were able to take part in workshops which allowed them to learn about how transport has evolved since the 1900s.  Key Stage 2 were also looking at how the underground system was developed and what materials were used in the building process to ensure it is safe for passengers. 

Later in the day we explored the displays and looked at the different methods of transport that have been used in the past, as well as what is used today.  

London Transport Museum trip 2018

Keya Yr 3

On the 14th June we went by coach to the London Transport Museum.  When we got there we had a workshop about the underground trains. We learnt about how the underground was built and then we looked around the museum. After lunch we walked around the museum and had to collect some stamps. Before we went home, we went to the gift shop, where I bought a badge and a rubber.

Sanvi Yr 4
When we reached the London Transport Museum our first sight was the buses and trains.  These were not ordinary vehicles; they were vehicles from the 1900s.  after we had put our things away, we headed to our workshops. In our workshop we learnt about the underground trains.  We learnt that Charles Pearson thought of the idea of undergrounds trains.  He saw there was problem in London with traffic and that the roads were dangerous.  The process of making the underground trains was called cut and cover.  We also got to complete a stamp trail around the museum. I really enjoyed this trip.