LAMDA exams

lamda exams‘LAMDA exams are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. Our ultimate aim is to provide all people with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success: attributes such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and present ideas’.

This is a quote from the website of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and reflects our belief that entering these public speaking examinations gives your daughters an opportunity to develop their skills for the future. They improve their speaking voice and memory skills by learning the material and develop their creativity by exploring ideas for their final performance and each year we see them grow in confidence.

Once again this year the hard work of the girls, their teachers and of course their parents has been rewarded. From Year 1 to Year 7 all girls passed and we were delighted to see so many Merits and Distinctions. We are very proud of the girls and hope their success has given them confidence they can carry with them throughout the curriculum.